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alan_rolnick_0074a-smaller-10-brighterAlan H. Rolnick grew up in Newburgh, New York, a sleepy river city on the west bank of the Hudson, where he played baseball, read science fiction, learned every Beatles song and dreamed of living someplace different. After graduating from Johns Hopkins with a major in frisbee, he moved to New York to become a pop star.

Taking up magazine writing to put himself through his music career, he eventually found work at the New York Times, where he contributed to the great paper’s early forays into so-called precision journalism. Those forays included a quixotic effort to rank college football teams using computers, a quest that has befuddled programmers, reporters, coaches, players and fans ever since.

One season, Alan’s final computer run made Auburn number one. The human pollsters preferred Miami, and Alan decided he did, too. Thinking it a good time to go back and get the third degree, he persuaded the law school they’d all be better off if he were locked in a torts class instead of the Times’ computer room when the Hurricanes took the field to defend their title.

During law school, Alan served as Managing Editor of the Law Review and
was inducted into the Society of Wig and Robe, which, fortunately, required wearing neither. He went on to practice at top Miami law firms in high-profile civil (and not so civil) cases. All the while, Miami’s heart-stopping beauty and self-absorbed chaos challenged him daily to figure out where on earth he was, leaving him well aware he’d gotten his wish of living someplace different.

Landmark StatusLandmark Status is his first novel.

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