The Best Years

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Mom was still at work, so dad was the chef tonight. Their ten year old was fresh from a day with big ups and downs, his life lately getting more complicated, almost by the hour. Suddenly, he had to contend with adult-sized scheduling problems, fighting for some time to just be, when he wasn’t busy scaling mountains of homework, rushing to and from timed-to-the minute play dates, practicing the right slouch and picking out the right hat to look good to a certain girl, all the while dealing with a difficult teacher as he navigated the icebergs of life in fourth grade. Oh, and two or three times a week, there was the drama of trying to throw (or hit) a strike with men on base in an insanely competitive little league.

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“A Great Read” – Roundtable Reviews

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Landmark Status is the kind of book that you might try to retell in three sentences or less, but before long you realize that you really can’t. In the same way that many of Mark Twain’s stories forestall a simple recap and always lose something, Alan Rolnick’s story is packed with oblique references, literary play on words, and situational comedy that you really need to read to appreciate. Even though he is a lawyer, his novel does not read like the average legal brief! Instead, it is funny, at times serious, consistently has the unexpected happening at the oddest times, and even when you wonder just what outlandish stunt could possibly happen next, you will still be surprised when you turn the page. This is a great read and you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by Sylvia Cochran

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