“Alan Rolnick has created a vignette of life in Miami with Landmark Status that deserves a spot on the best seller list. The characters are wild, bent politicians, bent land developers, and even a Ponzi scheme thrown in for good measure, and what finer setting than Miami?” — Read this review

Winner of the 2008 Sabrina Award for Best Mystery

Landmark Status It’s the Battle of the Century
Club in Landmark Status, where rivals vie for the right to bury a rundown Miami bar and raise a fabulous condo on its grave. Lawyer Benjy Bluestone couldn’t care less, but can’t resist beautiful dealmaker Delia Torres, even though she’s fronting for a crew that’s trouble from the ground up. Soon, high rollers and lowlifes are tangling in courtrooms and backrooms, careening around in a subtropical nuthouse where all roads lead to Opa-locka and an explosive secret threatens to blow the deal sky high.

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