Intestate on the Interstate

[ No Comments ] Posted on 04.29.08 under The Everglades Room

Sitting in a miles-long traffic jam in a rented car, I’m trying to figure out the satellite radio, scanning the stations, way too many stations. When we start rolling again, I let go, somewhere in the news/talk end of the band. They’re in a commercial.

“All across America, people can feel it,” says the announcer.

“Feel what?” I ask, never shy about talking to the radio, or myself. “Hunger? Heartburn? Hemorrhoid pain?” I figure it’s a commercial for all you can eat something, or what to take afterward.

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My Saturday Feeling

[ No Comments ] Posted on 04.21.08 under The Everglades Room

I want every day to be Saturday. It’s the first day of the weekend, when it’s natural to feel entitled to an unburdening from whatever happened during the week. For me, it’s always been better than Sunday, with work or school looming on the horizon, telling me my free time is running out. Only that rarest of rare birds, the cheery-throated warbler (every family has one), seems immune to Sunday afternoon’s bittersweet monitoring of sands running out in the hourglass, managing to act as if it’s been just turned over. Then again, maybe I’m just a crank.

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