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Lawyer Benjy Bluestone is having a tough day. Having just left home he gets the convertible top of his just-fixed 65 red Mustang ripped off by a wrecking ball and meets the woman of his dreams by almost running her down at 80 mph. This is only the beginning of drastic changes about to occur in his quiet life and pleasant though unexciting law career.

* * * *

This caper was immensely entertaining and I laughed out loud at several points. Author Alan Rolnick writes ingenious comic scenes where his colorful characters come to life. The political corruption was toned down to be dangerous but somewhat less than evil. Rico is the only really bad guy but is just too ridiculous to take seriously. His scene with Mistress Distress was very funny, especially when she said he was impertinent and Rico wondered why since he had never wet his pants. My favorite part was the midnight skeleton burial scene where he painted his face with a two color NATO camo paint stick purchased from the Commando Gear Store. Rico always goes the extra mile in the affect department.

Wacky courtroom scenes caught the flavor of the story with some truly laughable moments. It came as no surprise to learn that Alan Rolnick practiced law for twenty years in Miami. If he keeps writing books of this caliber, he has a great new career before him. Well done!

Reviewed by Jaimie Bell

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