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Posted on 10.26.07 8:09AM under Read a Review

This comedic mystery is a hoot, especially if you are familiar with the Miami/Southern Florida region. Protagonist Benjy may have adequate funds to afford a comfortable lifestyle, but he has terrible luck. The book opens with Benjy and his classic 1965 Mustang parked in the wrong place at the wrong time—a wrecking ball breaks loose from its cable and rips off the convertible’s roof, barely missing Benjy. His luck goes downhill from that point.

All the situations revolve around typical Miami characters and its wacky real estate scene. This book makes for an enjoyable romp through a hilarious scene revolving around greedy developers. Purloined skeletons, tribal leaders, and loony PC do-gooders play important roles alongside Cuban politicians and long-time residents all come together over an old bar and the land on which it sits. We rated this fun read four hearts.

Reviewed by Bob Spear

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